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Paul chats to Education Matters about teacher and principal well being, NESLI goes to a conference, and St Mary's School for the Deaf tell us about their Middle Schools Leadership Pathways Program.

NESLI Newsletter: an international advisory board, an interview with Gabbie Stroud and some new partnerships.

This quarter, NESLI is proud to announce the appointment of an international Advisory Board. We also have several new partnerships to celebrate, an exclusive discount to the National Education Summit and an interview with Gabbie Stroud, author of 'Teacher.'

Gabbie Stroud on education in Australian schools today

"I think my heart was in it, right until the very end."

Introducing the NESLI International Advisory Board

The NESLI International Advisory Board has been announced, with education experts from all over the globe making up the group of ten. The board will meet regularly and focus on expanding NESLI's global influence, developing world class leadership and wellbeing programs and ensuring that schools in low socio-economic areas have access to these professional development opportunities.

NESLI is presenting at the National Education Summit

NESLI is excited to be hosting a two-day leadership development conference as part of the National Education Summit in August.


NESLI Newsletter - April 2019

Welcome to the NESLI newsletter

We are changing things up a bit with how we do our newsletter at NESLI - let us know what you think by commenting below or sending us a message.  

In this issue, we look at outcomes from the NESLI Staff Wellbeing Toolkit and announce a new partnership. NESLI is also presenting a two day conference at the National Education Summit and we would love to see you there. We also share some insights on why good employees become unmotivated, and highlight one pedagogical experts technology suggestions for NAPLAN. 

Staff Wellbeing Toolkit Impact Report

NESLI’s Staff Wellbeing Toolkit is having a significant and positive impact on schools staff around Australia according to a new report measuring the efficacy of the support program.

The impact report, which surveyed over 7,000 participants, found that 98% of the participants reported an increase in their wellbeing and social capital. The highest degree of impact was upon participants’ physical health and their levels of optimism. 


NESLI Conference at Education Summit

NESLI is excited to be presenting a two-day conference at the National Education Summit in August. The program aims to develop the skills, knowledge, frameworks, and confidence to thrive in the complex leadership landscape faced in today’s school environment.

On day one, Dr Anna Dabrowski will be talking about the impact of relationships on wellbeing, followed by Dr Janet Smith who will be presenting on the importance of adaptive leadership in schools. Day two will be presented by Kirk Fisher, who will be talking about building a positive school culture, and providing useful feedback. For more details and to book, head here.

4 Reasons Employees Lose Motivation  

Motivation — the willingness to get the job done by starting rather than procrastinating, persisting in the face of distractions, and investing enough mental effort to succeed — accounts for 40% of the success of team projects.

Yet managers are often at a loss as to how to effectively motivate uninspired employees. Carefully assessing the nature of the motivational failure — before taking action — is crucial. Read more.  

NESLI Announces New Partnership

NESLI and the Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELi) have strengthened their partnership to provide more professional development opportunities for educators and school leaders throughout Queensland. 

The partnership will see NESLI and QELi collaborating to co-create blended learning programs for Queensland teachers and school leaders, leveraging NESLI’s expertise in designing and building state of the art online learning platforms to add to, and enhance, QELi’s PD offerings.

A range of NESLI program offerings will be made available through the QELi website over the coming months. NESLI’s current suite of programs can be viewed here.

NAPLAN on Horizon for 2019 

Calls to review NAPLAN are coming from principal associations and state authorities, but we can’t afford to wait for the full roll-out of NAPLAN online, according to Katina Zammit, Director of Academic Program - Primary at Western Sydney University.

She argues that we need to be considering alternatives now to re-envision NAPLAN so it can assess the challenging, more complex skills our students need to acquire for their future. Read more.

Leadership Insights - Video 

Dr. Alec O’Connell is the current principal of Scotch College in Perth, WA. He has a breadth of experience in all education sectors, teaching at junior, middle and senior levels and holding executive positions in the tertiary education sector. Paul Mears, Program Director of NESLI Asia-Pacific, sat down with him for a chat about schools leadership and NESLI’s partnership with Scotch College. Watch video