A warm welcome to all school leaders

Despite the many challenges impacting the schooling sector, we are in the midst of an unprecedented shift in school leadership. As 70% of Australia and New Zealand'd school principals reach retirement age over the next five years, great opportunities abound for our brightest and best young educators to assume formal leadership positions and mould the future of our school systems.

Through a broad network of education stakeholders, the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative [NESLI] directly responds to the challenges and opportunities presented by this radical change.

Central to the initiative is the roll-out of the Schools Leadership Colloquium. The Schools Leadership Colloquium is an integrated development framework designed to expedite and consolidate leadership and interpersonal skills across all management staff. Seamlessly contextualised to meet the specific needs of emerging through to senior leaders, the Colloquium framework combines the very best leadership pedagogy from the corporate sector with a deep understanding of the contemporary school environment.

We invite current and aspiring school leaders across the region to consider one of NESLI’s internationally renowned programs as a great opportunity to support their leadership journey.

Mr Damien J. Farrell, Ba, FAIM, MAICD

National Director, NESLI

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