Why is it so important to involve staff in wellbeing conversations?

Schools with good social capital agree that it takes buy in and commitment from all staff to improve overall wellbeing within the school. By opting to undertake the wellbeing toolkit your school is demonstrating its commitment to starting an open and productive dialogue around wellbeing and to do this effectively they need your involvement and input.

What will be required of staff and how much time will it take?

The Toolkit is, in essence, a platform to support five group discussions around staff health and wellbeing. All that is required of staff is a commitment to attend five 1 hour sessions in order to contribute to these discussions. To further minimise impact on workloads, these sessions can and will be coordinated with existing staff meetings. Additionally, all staff involved in the Toolkit will have access to an optional pack of tools and resources to support personal wellbeing. Staff are free to engage with these resources at a convenient time if they wish to.

Will I have to complete any work or assessment?

The Toolkit includes a simple survey which is used to assess social capital within the school. Responding to this survey should not take more than 5 minutes and all responses are anonymous. Other than this there is no work or assessment required of Toolkit participants.

Does registering for the toolkit make me look like I’m not coping?

No. The Toolkit is designed to focus on a proactive approach to wellbeing. Involvement in the program reflects ones commitment to creating and maintaining a positive, healthy environment for yourself, your colleagues and your students.

What will I get out of it?

  • Understand the science around wellbeing and the link to social capital

  • Explore practical strategies to help you deal with workplace pressure

  • Contribute to a meaningful discussion around staff wellbeing in your school

  • Help increase social capital in your school

  • Find new ways to lead wellbeing conversations with your students

How will participating in the toolkit help our students?

Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation builders. As custodians of their futures, teachers are charged with giving them the best opportunities to succeed. To do this well, we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be. That means thriving as educators, not merely surviving. The Australian Principal Health and Wellbeing research shows that this depends on collaboration. The technical term is social capital. When social capital increases within an environment, everyone within that environment benefits. The Wellbeing Toolkit is designed around this maxim, and therefore has a unique opportunity to create positive, sustainable change for the whole school community.


The Wellbeing Toolkit has been developed by NESLI in consultation with a cross-section of Australian K-12 stakeholders.​

The Wellbeing Toolkit is partially funded by the Australian School of Applied Management. ASAM will provide $750,000 of seed funding over the next 3 years.​

The Wellbeing Toolkit responds to the insights and recommendations flowing from the Principal Health & Wellbeing Survey.​

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