“I am daring to dream that we have reached or are close to reaching a tipping point in Australian education where a growing appetite for change by most if not all stakeholders can be leveraged for rapid improvement in the system.”

Associate Professor Philip Riley

Chief Investigator, The Australian Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey​



The success of our schools is intrinsically linked to the engagement, performance and wellbeing of our teachers and school leaders. The Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey puts the spotlight on the increasing stress and duress our school leaders are experiencing on a daily basis. In parallel, numerous studies demonstrate that unacceptable stress levels are affecting teachers and support staff at all levels. In addition to recognising the implications of this trend for the health and wellbeing of our educators, it also raises important concerns around the impact on our classrooms and learning environments.

The Wellbeing Toolkit aims to bring staff together within a collaborative and supportive framework to explore what are often sensitive topics and overcome some of the challenges associated with operating in the contemporary school environment.


The Wellbeing Toolkit has been developed by NESLI in consultation with a cross-section of Australian K-12 stakeholders.​

The Wellbeing Toolkit is partially funded by the Australian School of Applied Management. ASAM will provide $750,000 of seed funding over the next 3 years.​

The Wellbeing Toolkit responds to the insights and recommendations flowing from the Principal Health & Wellbeing Survey.​

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