NESLI’s programs recognised as pathway to postgraduate study for school leaders in USA

Australian education provider signs significant agreement with American university.

Associate Professor Janet Smith

Director of Associates, Paul Larkin awarded Dean's and ACEL awards

NESLI Head of School and Director of Associates, Paul Larkin has just been awarded both the Dean’s and ACEL awards as part of his graduation in the Master of Leadership in Organisational Learning. Paul was awarded the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence from Monash University for his academic excellence, which recognised the fact that Paul was the top graduating student in 2017. Along with getting the highest score in his class throughout the program, Paul was also awarded the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) award, which is presented to the top graduating student across Monash’s leadership courses within the Faculty of Education.Victorian Branch ACEL President Coralee Pratt presented Paul with the awards at a ceremony dinner. Massive congratulations to Paul for his hard work and dedication in achieving such great academic results, matched only by the rave reviews he regularly receives from our clients (both individual and organisational). Connect with Paul on LinkedIn and get in touch with us if you want to find out how Paul can help you and your school in it's approach to leadership.

Almost 1 in 2 women teachers experience discrimination at their school

Important survey points to widespread biases, boys club culture and bullying.

The pathway to the ‘sweet spot’

A participant in NESLI’s Advanced Leadership Program shares her thoughts on integrity, authenticity and communication as a female educator.

EQ vs IQ: Clash of the Titans

Are EQ and IQ destined to be at war? Darwin-based education leader Paul Drewitt investigates.


NESLI Leaders in Action: tanya price

Tanya Price began in school administration almost a decade ago and has steadily grown her career in school business administration. Since completing the Business Administrators Schools Colloquium, she has a newfound confidence to lead her team to success. She has also established a larger professional network of like-minded peers.

I have worked with the Education Directorate in Canberra for eight years now. I commenced as a School Assistant in the admin department of a high school, with duties including office tasks, student locker management, stationery orders and coordination of publications such as the school newsletter. I became interested in furthering my career about six years ago, and looking at positions that gave me more managerial duties. I started my role as Business Manager at Macgregor Primary School in January 2016.

I thoroughly enjoy my position. I adore spending time with the entire school community but especially the students and staff; no day is ever the same. Life in a school is always hectic but also enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

There were many ideas and thoughts shared during my time in the Business Administrators Colloquium, which I found incredibly inspirational. These concepts have provided me with many ideas I can apply when developing my own staff. The information and tools provided regarding dealing with difficult conversations were a stand out for me, as it is an area where I struggle. Many others in our group seemed to have the same issue. I definitely feel more confident in this area and more prepared to approach these conversations when they need to happen.

Not having had any experience with online learning previously, I was unsure about the whole webinar experience at first. But I actually found it very enjoyable. It was an excellent way to meet people in our local school system in Canberra, and also people across Australia. In a way, the webinars really strengthened the relationships I have with people that I work within the Canberra education system. I now have a stronger connection with these individuals and a much stronger professional network.

Post the colloquium I do not believe my leadership style has changed, I just feel incredibly more confident in myself and my ability to manage more complex situations. I now have many ideas and strategies on how to assist my staff and others in their dealings with each other and our students. I now have the confidence to host a PD for my staff and to share these skills and abilities with them.

Tanya Price is Business Manager at Macgregor Primary School in Canberra. Tanya completed the Business Administrators Colloquium.

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