The pathway to the ‘sweet spot’

A participant in NESLI’s Advanced Leadership Program shares her thoughts on integrity, authenticity and communication as a female educator.

EQ vs IQ: Clash of the Titans

Are EQ and IQ destined to be at war? Darwin-based education leader Paul Drewitt investigates.

NESLI Leaders in Action: Meriyln Burton

Merilyn Burton is Principal of Pelaw Main Public School in the Hunter Region of New South Wales. Merilyn says that NESLI's ALP has taught her a lot about herself, what she values and the kind of leader she strives to be.

2018 named ‘Year of Women in School Leadership’

NESLI announces a strategic framework of research, events and programs designed to increase the representation of women in school leadership roles.

Five things teachers need to do this summer

Dr David Franklin takes a look at how teachers can pay attention their wellbeing in addition to fine-tuning and updating their craft.


Succeeding in School Leadership 2016 competition winners

A huge thank you to all who registered for our Succeeding in School Leadership 2016 competition.

We carefully considered all answers to the question: What does effective leadership mean to you, and why is it so important in schools today?

Our winning entries

Major prize winner
Our major prize is a five participant leadership experience to Succeeding in School Leadership 2016.

Julia Andriske “Effective leadership means having exceptional communication skills and the ability to seek and use feedback from all stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes. Effective leadership is vital to schools today if they are to maintain the positive traditions of a school whilst striving to stay up-to-date with emerging ideas and technology.”

Runners up
Each runner-up will receive a complimentary ticket to Succeeding in School Leadership 2016.

Cliff Powys “Effective leadership is the difference between knowing and hoping. It’s important that schools don't just hope that something will go right.  Instead, they know and believe it will because they planned and prepared for it together through strong educational leadership.”

Drew Mayhills “To me, effective leadership is the art and science of transforming a vision into reality. Effective leadership in schools is of the utmost importance if we are to realise a responsive, holistic and empowering educational system which enables young people from all walks of life to become lifelong learners, in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

Stuart Taylor “Effective leadership is built from a relationship of deep trust and high levels of respect. It harnesses a collective vision for a better future and focuses energy and resources to achieve goals. Effective leadership is in constant celebration of the achieved milestones. Effective leadership disseminates the ownership of monitoring and encouraging amongst all the team. It develops a broad ownership of the professional practice of the school. That’s why it is so important.”

What is Succeeding in School Leadership 2016?

Succeeding in School Leadership is a leadership experience like no other. A ten day, international event, delivered live online. Through its unique immersive online platform, Succeeding in School Leadership 2016 offers a powerful and highly accessible learning opportunity for school leaders seeking to enhance their leadership knowledge and capacity.

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