Five ways to enhance wellbeing

The recent Enhancing Staff Wellbeing in Victorian Schools covered how principals can support increased wellbeing across school communities. Here are five key takeaways from the day.

What I learned from the Advanced Leadership Program

A participant in the Advanced Leadership Program reflects on her experiences and shares some tips for women school leaders.

Five ways to support new teachers

New teachers are the lifeblood of our schools, explains Dr David Franklin. So, how can we best support them to ensure that they stay in the profession?

Shaping your organisation's culture

Dr Greg Morgan explains how if you want to change your organisation's culture then you need to ask yourself how close the leadership path you think you are on is to the one you are actually on.

Are you too kind to be a leader?

Lucy McCarthy takes a look at the connection between kindness, strength and leadership.

Why educational leadership development can fail and what to about it

We know that quality educational leadership is vital for a school’s future, and it is exciting to see more schools investing in staff development in this area. But what does a leadership program need in order to succeed?

NESLI Leaders in Action: Susan Cameron

Susan Cameron is a senior education leader in regional New South Wales. Taking part in the Leading Teachers Colloquium has strengthened the teaching cohort at her school and led to improved teacher-student relationships.

NESLI Leaders in Action: Renae Cirillo

Renae Cirillo is an experienced teacher. Completing the Advanced Leadership Program has given her a whole new set of skills. Renae favourably compares NESLI's offerings with Harvard University's training.

The messy path to confidence and authenticity as an inexperienced leader

Dr Greg Morgan discusses how novice leaders can navigate the winding road to confident, brave and authentic leadership by breaking barriers and accepting their strengths and weaknesses.

Five ways for principals to be more visible

The job of a school principal has evolved over the last several decades. With everything principals must do throughout the day, one of the most essential parts of the role is visibility.

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