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The Middle Leadership Program (MLP) is a blended development program that focuses on the critical dimensions of effective, collaborative leadership within the Catholic schooling context. The MLP employs an integrated learning methodology combining expert tuition, peer knowledge-sharing, practical workplace application, and guided personal thought and reflection. 

During the program, participants are constantly prompted to reflect on the program themes in three distinct ways: 

  1. How the concepts directly impact their leadership capability. 
  2. How they can be adopted at various levels within their school community.   
  3. How they are synthesised to the broader system of Catholic education.


This process helps to ensure participants build up a holistic framework for leadership that is harmonious with their environment and faith.

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A powerful learning experience linking self, school and system

LEAP 360° Leadership Survey

To commence the program participants complete the Leadership Effectiveness and Aptitude Profile (LEAP) 360° survey. Findings from the survey facilitate the development of an individual action plan that assists each participant to extract optimal value from the program.

Group Development Sessions

During the program, participants attend two face-to-face sessions focused on group collaboration and development. Offering a powerful opportunity to work together with peers as part of a wider system of Catholic school leaders, the sessions are a fundamental aspect of the program as they link personal development to system-wide improvement.

Interactive Online Workshops

Throughout the program, participants attend six highly interactive online workshops. These sessions allow participants to interact with their peers and engage in meaningful discussion pertinent to the respective module. These sessions are conducted outside of classroom hours and can be accessed from any device, allowing for minimal disruption to participant’s workday.

Personal Leadership Project

The Personal Leadership Project is an outcome-driven activity which focuses on opportunities to lead positive change within the school, as well as personal leadership growth. It is a robust 
evidence-driven multi-phased process which facilitates the interactions between participants and senior school leaders in order to:

  • collect data for impetus for change, and to enhance school and systemic initiatives
  • plan, monitor and lead change using a strong evidence base for leading improvements in teaching and learning
  • lead teaching and learning for positive impact
  • focus on a distributive leadership model as part of the project
  • continue to effectively track progress to make sure there is an impact
  • collaborate with a senior leader (Leader as Coach) both on a project focus and with an individual leadership growth focus.

Leader as Coach Sessions

During the program, participants enter into a coaching partnership with a senior leader at their school. The coaching process is fundamental to the program allowing participants to properly contextualise their learning and align key outcomes to the milestones in the Personal Leadership Project.

Online Community of Practice

During the program, participants have 24/7 access to the interactive online portal which connects them with their fellow participants and a broader network of school leaders across the country.

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