Module and Workshop Descriptions

Pre-program phase (1–2 hours)
360o LEAP Leadership Survey 
Pre-Course Preparation

catholic schools’ 


A powerful learning experience linking self, school and system

Online Module 1: (2.5 hours)  

Leadership in the Catholic Context: Examining Self, School and System

Central to Module 1 is the theme of self as a leader in the Catholic context. The module focuses on the Catholic identity, and the influence of faith and emotional and social intelligence. Participants are encouraged to identify their leadership values and uncover their core purpose as a leader.

Online Module 2: (2.5 hours)  

Leading Learning Environments

Module 2 focuses on leading inspiring, inclusive environments through understanding of one’s context and its impact on leadership. System and school influences, such as AITSL standards and system-specific continuous improvement standards, will be explored in this module. Participants will also work through and apply the five dimensions of effective leadership to their context as a Catholic education leader.

Online Module 3: (2.5 hours)  

Fostering Great Teams

Module 3 provides an overview of what makes a high-performing team, and the impact of efficient and effective middle leadership on the Catholic schools system. It explores the importance of trust to effective leadership and across teams. Participants develop skills around team collaboration, and how to motivate and inspire other staff.

Online Module 4: (2.5 hours)  

Leading Change

Central to Module 4 are themes of why change is important, how we lead it and how we grow teams to successfully nurture talent and resilience. Participants are introduced to the concept of professional capital and develop effective communication, persuasion and influence skills.

Face-to-face Workshop 2: (1 day)  

Reconnect and Presentations

This is a summative workshop which facilitates reconnection between participants and provides a synthesis of the program components. Participants will also present on the outcomes of their Personal Leadership Project. The workshop is an opportunity to discuss the overall learning journey, how participants feel they have developed as leaders and how they see themselves in the context of their school, system and the broader Catholic world view.

Face-to-face Workshop 1: (2 days)

Introduction to the Program and Module Overview

Workshop 1 provides an opportunity for the facilitators and participants to connect face-to-face and get an overview of the program and its components. During the session, participants will explore the importance of their role within the broader context of the Catholic education system and reflect on how they can positively impact the leadership within their school. Key questions, aims and themes of the program are also explored.

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