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Admission into the program is based on a written application process, and all applicants must satisfy NESLI’s admissions criteria and adhere to NESLI admissions policies and procedures. All admissions are at the discretion of the NESLI Admissions Department. Interested parties are required to complete an official program application form. An application form may be obtained by contacting the NESLI Admissions Department.

The standard admission fee is $1,980 per participant. The fee covers all tuition, program-related materials and access to the NESLI online learning portal. Any third-party expenses, charges or fees incurred by the participant through their use of the NESLI online learning portal remain the responsibility of the participant.

To discuss the program in greater detail or to request an application form, please contact the NESLI Admissions Department on:

Phone: 1300 938 470

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Office of the National Director
National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative, NESLI
Level 3, 607 Bourke Street
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Phone: 1300 938 470

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