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Dr Greg Morgan's perspective

Hello all,

This month we announced NESLI's partnership with Monash University, which you can read about further here. We are also almost halfway through Succeeding in School Leadership 2016, which has so far been incredible. 

When I came on board at the start of the year, I was touched by the frequent feedback we heard (and continue to hear) from participants about the impact our programs have on their practice. As you know, these programs offer a compilation of contemporary theory and research packaged in a way that offers immediate practical benefit.

One common ‘message’ is that the new insights learned by participants influence them beyond improved success in their professional roles, to the point of sometimes being transformational in their life.

I recall one teacher in a webinar who had been sitting quietly throughout, speaking towards the end about how the course was influencing her way beyond her expectations. The things she was learning were improving her relationships and interactions in all spheres of her life. She spoke of a new-found confidence in her capacity to interact effectively with everyone she encounters.

I think the key reason for these stories is the focus NESLI programs have on the ‘who’ of leadership. We bring participants face-to-face with who they are as people and allow them to build genuine, trusting, accountable relationships with others. There is a huge emphasis on continuing iterations of deep reflection and refining of practice.

With educational leadership, it is so important to be clear about your personal vision and core values. Learning to look at yourself honestly, rigorously and critically releases your leadership potential and the ability to keep growing.  

NESLI courses bring participants face-to-face with who they are as people and allow them to build genuine, trusting, accountable relationships with others. Where are you currently on your leadership pathway? What is the story of how you came to this point? What has been a critical ‘Aha!’ moment in your leadership development so far?

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