Over the course of the ten week program, students will embark on a journey that supports them to grow and learn as individuals, and as active and participatory members of their classroom community.

Classwell materials explore the broader notion of school-based social capital 
via three child-friendly ‘social caps’:

  • Thinking Social Cap: Lessons oriented around cognitive social capital (shared values, beliefs and norms)
  • Belonging Social Cap: Lessons highlighting horizontal social capital – both bonding (to support one another) and bridging (to be more inclusive)
  • Acting Together Social Cap: Lessons highlight structural and vertical social capital (collective action across networks and associations within the classroom and school)


Grouped under each ‘social cap’ are a number of 30 minute lessons

Thinking Social Cap​

Belonging Social Cap​

Acting Together Social Cap​

Values to Value​

Fair Play​

Classroom Snakes and Ladders​

A Moral Dilemma​

Mission to Mars​

Leaders and Followers​

Networks to Lean On
(and Learn In)​

The Classroom Village​

Everyone Rules​

Wellbeing Windows​

Each lesson is broken down into the following activities:

  • 5 min: Schema Activation
  • 5 min: Video Challenge
  • 5 min: Peer/Pairwork Discussion
  • 15 min: Classroom Activity


Optional extension activities are also provided for each lesson

  • (Optional Extension 1) 30-60 min Literacy Activity
  • (Optional Extension 2) Inquiry Learning Project

Building classroom social capital and increasing the relational sense of agency between teachers and their students.​

Designed for grades 4 - 6​

Duration 10 weeks (30 mins per week)​

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