Classwell uses an adaptation of a highly regarded tool in an anonymous pre/post application designed to provide teachers with a broad measure of classroom social capital before and after the the program’s application. It also draws upon extensive research into the benefits of building social capital in school students as a mechanism for lifelong learning and community belonging.

The adapted tool is an eight-item survey, developed and applied extensively in the Finnish public sector to measure workplace social capital, including: designations for cognitive and structural social capital; vertical and horizontal social capital; and bonding (‘to get by’), bridging (‘to get ahead’) and linking (trust across authority gradients) social capital. Applied to a base of 150,000 public sector employees in Finland over a period of 15 years, the tool is robust with longitudinal data and well documented health end-points.

 The inclusion of robust and effective impact evaluation throughout the program ensures that teachers have clear visibility of improvements in social capital across their classroom. This data, in conjunction with other complementary impact measures around student performance and accountability, will assist teachers in the implementation of initiatives geared towards elevated student engagement and ultimately enhanced learning environments and outcomes.​

Building classroom social capital and increasing the relational sense of agency between teachers and their students.​

Designed for grades 4 - 6​

Duration 10 weeks (30 mins per week)​

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