As schools and their students diversify, the importance of developing social capital, or the connections and relationships between members of school communities, becomes crucial. Australian schools now support a myriad of learning abilities, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and family backgrounds. Teachers are increasingly expected to differentiate and respond to the unique attributes of learners within the classroom. Yet schools are often under resourced, and many educators feel underprepared to navigate the challenges associated with changing school and classroom demographics. In addition, Australian education policy continues to focus on the role of the teacher as key to student academic outcomes. 

The pressure to facilitate student outcomes has prevented many educators from considering the importance of connectedness between students as a mechanism for growth and lifelong learning. Accordingly, Classwell aims to provide an elaboration to the Personal and Social Capability dimension of the Australian curriculum, to provide targeted ways for educators to facilitate a more connected classroom culture as a means to enhancing student resilience and promoting holistic learning outcomes. Drawing upon a wide body of research into the importance of school culture and emerging student identities, Classwell encourages students and educators to work together to promote autonomy and agency for learners in Australian schools.

Over the course of the program, teachers and students will embark on a journey of learning that supports students to grow and learn as individuals, and as active members of their classroom. Classwell has been designed to effectively link to a wide range of learning areas in grades 7 – 10 across the Australian curriculum, but importantly, to provide better support for primary school students and their teachers to collaborate and connect within the classroom, thus establishing a key foundation for effective secondary school participation.

Building classroom social capital and increasing the relational sense of agency between teachers and their students.​

Designed for grades 4 - 6​

Duration 10 weeks (30 mins per week)​

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