Through broad consultation across many geographical and industrial boundaries, WLA has uncovered a significant need for a developmental program that enables high potential female school leaders to engage in an intensive, peer-oriented leadership development experience. In response to this need, WLA engaged a wide range of stakeholders across a number of key industries to assist in the development of the Advanced Leadership Program. In addition to delivering exceptional professional development, the program sets out to create powerful role models for future female leaders.

Created to provide tailored development and support to the growing pool of senior female school leaders, the Advanced Leadership Program is enabling the advancement of high potential women across all school sectors. During a career-defining six month journey, participants accelerate their career potential and become part of an exclusive cohort of exceptional female leaders.

During the program participants engage in a deep exploration of their own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as they relate to building and maintaining highly effective school teams. Regularly engaging in highly interactive learning experiences, participants share their journey with like-minded colleagues across the country. In addition to delivering high impact professional development, the program sets out to create powerful, life-long professional networks.

Supporting the development of exceptional female school teachers

Advanced Leadership Program


Delivery Format

The program employs an integrated learning methodology based around self-analysis, peer knowledge-sharing, experiential exercises, practical workplace application and reflection. Throughout the program, learnings are related back to the day-to-day realities and challenges of each participant. This process is enhanced through participant-generated discussions and adaptive leadership challenges that unlock existing skills and experience within the group.

At the beginning of the program, participants undertake a capability assessment to evaluate their ability and confidence in key areas. Results from this simple assessment support each participant to develop a personal action plan to help them achieve their developmental objectives.

During the program participants enter into a peer coaching partnership with a co-participant. The peer coaching process is fundamental to the program and greatly enhances the learning process.

Leading innovation and change

This theme focuses on the leadership qualities involved in driving innovation and change. Using a case study approach, participants explore the way in which innovation and change are inextricably intertwined. Participants then examine leadership challenges during times of crisis, gaining an understanding of the way in which they can help build a flexible, agile organisation.

Creating my pathway

As our everyday environments increase in complexity it is easy to become distracted by the immediate at the expense of what’s truly important. The final theme centres on developing a coherent and dynamic ‘game plan’ for future career and life fulfilment. Within the context and expectations of their own workplace, participants consider the steps required to fully realise their career potential.

Mindful and authentic leadership

The first theme introduces participants to a values-based operational framework as they explore the relationship between personal authenticity and effective performance. Participants take a deep dive into the traits and behaviours that define exceptional leaders in today’s society; and consider how to synthesise their personal aims and objectives with that of their role in order to optimise their impact and stay focused on their goals.

Conflict and feedback –
the DNA of performance

When handled effectively, conflict leads to a better awareness of other people’s feelings and can be highly productive. The second theme approaches conflict and feedback as proactive performance management tools and fundamental ingredients in effective communication.

Mastering influencing
and negotiation

Our ability to effectively influence and negotiate with others is fundamental to success in all areas of life. As leaders we use these skills every day to settle differences and achieve optimal outcomes for our school. The second theme will explore the psychology involved in influencing others and negotiating for a particular outcome.

Program Themes

advanced leadership program capability assessment
advanced leadership program interactive webinars x 7
advanced leadership program 5 peer coaching sessions
online learning management system self directed learning
program participant adaptive leadership challenges
interactive online portal for school leaders

Throughout the program participants attend seven interactive online sessions. These sessions can be accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device allowing for minimal disruption to participants workday. The live online sessions allow participants to interact directly and engage in meaningful discussion pertinent to the respective module.

Throughout the program, participants take part in a number of adaptive leadership challenges. By contextualising major themes within real world situations, the challenges reinforce key learning and equip participants to operationalise new approaches.

During the program, participants have 24/7 access to the interactive online portal which connects them with their fellow participants and a broader network of school leaders across the country.

Throughout the program, content and media for each module is accessible 24/7 via a state-of-the-art online learning management system that allows participants to engage with it any time from any device.

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In Partnership With

Women and Leadership Australia
Advanced Leadership Program 6 months
advanced leadership weekly commitment 2 hours

Program Snapshot

National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative

 Monash Credit Partnership

Pathway to world standard Masters qualification 

An academic partnership between NESLI and Monash University is now enabling teaching professionals across the country to gain credit towards the Master of Education and Master of Leadership through their participation in the Advanced Leadership Program.

Masters Credit Recognition

Under the partnership, Advanced Leadership Program graduates are able to apply for 12 credit points via specified credit for Leadership studies unit (EDF5670) towards the internationally respected Master of Leadership. This equates to 25% of the qualification. Alternatively, graduates may apply for credit in the Master of Education course. In which case, 12 points of unspecified credit will apply.

Importantly, both the Master of Education and Master of Leadership include fully online options enabling teaching professionals from anywhere in Australia to realise a world standard advanced degree qualification.

Interested parties must complete the Advanced Leadership Program in line with established criteria and satisfy Monash University statute, regulations, policies and procedures.
For more information please contact the NESLI enrolments office.

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