With seventy percent of Australia and New Zealand's 12,000 school principals reaching retirement age over the next five years, the region is on the cusp of an unprecedented generational shift in school leadership. NESLI represents a unique, cross-sectoral response to the challenges and opportunities presented by this radical change.

The National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) is a collaborative arrangement bringing together an unprecedented array of stakeholders with a common commitment around developing exceptional school leaders.

Through the provision of global best practice in leadership development, NESLI targets the immediate need to equip Australian and NZ teachers – across all divides – with the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome the complex leadership challenges in today’s school environment.

In conjunction with many of the region's most respected educational institutions, NESLI is creating a new standard in school leadership. Over the coming years, NESLI will enable educational leaders to benefit from world standard leadership development and gain access to an exclusive national network of school leaders.

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Supporting the development of exceptional school leaders across all sectors and systems

Creating a new global standard in the development of school leaders

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Office of the National Director
National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative, NESLI
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