With seventy percent of Australia and New Zealand's 12,000 school principals reaching retirement age over the next five years, the two countries are on the cusp of an unprecedented generational shift in school leadership. NESLI represents a unique, cross-sectoral response to the challenges and opportunities presented by this radical change.

The National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) is a collaborative arrangement bringing together an unprecedented array of stakeholders with a common commitment around developing exceptional school leaders.

Through the provision of global best practice in leadership development, NESLI targets the immediate need to equip Australian and NZ teachers – across all divides – with the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome the complex leadership challenges in today’s school environment.

In conjunction with many of the region's most respected educational institutions, NESLI is creating a new standard in school leadership. Over the coming years, NESLI will enable educational leaders to benefit from world standard leadership development and gain access to an exclusive national network of school leaders.


Creating a new global standard in the development of school leaders



Combining the very best leadership pedagogy from the corporate sector with an informed understanding of the contemporary school environment, NESLI programs are designed to equip school leaders with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own development as they simultaneously strengthen the performance of those around them.

Utilising the latest developments in online and blended learning technologies, NESLI programs marry the best of connected dialogic learning with easy to use and highly accessible online environments. Representing a powerful platform to positively impact classroom learning all NESLI programs are informed and guided by actual participant experience ensuring that student learning and educational enhancement remain top of mind.


Short Courses

NESLI short courses are designed to provide intensive skills development tailored to the needs of teachers and school leaders.






The National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) is a collaborative national arrangement bringing together thousands of school leaders, academics and leadership experts across the country. These passionate individuals share with NESLI a genuine commitment to developing exceptional schools through exceptional leadership. In achieving its aims, NESLI works alongside schools from every state and territory helping to support leaders at all levels to exceed their potential. NESLI’s unique national engagement is further strengthened by a number of key relationships, including a partnership with Monash University, which provides credit opportunities for Australian school leaders into Masters level qualifications. Through ongoing communication with schools spanning all systems - government, catholic and independent, NESLI occupies a unique vantage point ensuring it is well positioned to meet the needs of today’s school leaders. NESLI wishes to acknowledge the tremendous ongoing support it receives from a wide range of stakeholders and advocates.‚Äč


Working together to provide the highest standards in school leadership
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